Minggu, 25 Januari 2015

Already many hours in the gym

Already many hours in the gym, but the Agency never slim down? There still could be a bad habit that you do. Efisienkan your exercise immediately so that the body fit and slim immediately you get!

1. Select an effective Exercise
Elliptical motion trainers of gymnastics apparatus other than boring is also less effective. Tools that use the foot pedals for forward and backward pedaling is useful only to burn calories. Better Your brisk walking or running on the treadmill. Set the speed you want. If it had more power, and faster to burn more calories. After that, reduce the speed for a moment, and if recovered, raise your stamina back Your run speed.

2. Challenge Yourself
Maximize the time you have! Challenge yourself to do intense exercise for 30 minutes nonstop. Increase speed and moving nimbly from one exercise to the next exercise, with a break for 15-30 seconds. Better give it 100% of your effort for 30 minutes, rather than exercising for an hour with the effort that is only 75%.

3. focus
Before going to the gym, Your thoughts are concentrated on the objective to be achieved. Don't be tempted to conduct activities that interfere with your exercise rhythm. Leave your cell phone in the locker room, gym, avoid chatting leisurely, and forget for a moment the photo selfie!

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